Viet Nam Retreats with Mike Melancon

Dear Friends and Sangha Sisters and Brothers,

The Loving Work Foundation is pleased to announce our SPRING 2018 ‘JOYFULLY TOGETHER IN VIỆT NAM’ RETREAT SCHEDULE. 

In the Tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

March 10 – March 25, 2018: Loving Work Retreat (Giving Service)

April 07 – April 22, 2018: Mobile Mindfulness Retreat (Discovering the Homeland of Our Teacher)

Registration Opens July 07, 2017

MORE INFORMATION: 2018 Viet Nam Retreats Flyer

Please Read our Viet Nam Retreats Letter 2018

To Register or for Additional Information:

Sponsored by The Loving Work Foundation

A US-Registered Non-Profit Charitable Organization

Foundation Management Team: Dharma Teacher Trish Thompson, Director Order of InterBeing Member, Michael Melancon, Vice President Order of InterBeing Member, Anne Woods, Secretary/Treasurer

Thank you,

Trish Thompson
Chân An Định
True Concentration on Peace

Michael Melancon
Chân Niệm Quang
True Recollection of Light

Anne Woods
True Collective Spring

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