Family Sangha

Practice for Families with Children: Weekend Mornings of Mindfulness

Family Sangha Practice Schedule at Dharma Gate

The aim of this group is to support children and parents to grow in mindfulness together, and there will be a separate program for parents and children.

Sunday, February 25th, 10am until 11:30am
Sunday, March 25th, 10am until 11:30am
Sunday, May 20th, 10am until 11:30am


Here is a rough schedule of activities, a general guideline we will follow.  It can change and evolve. 🙂
10:00am  Families arrive.  Sing a song together
10:15am  pebble meditation and 5 minutes sitting meditation all together.
          Walking meditation all together.
10:20am  Kids go off with some parents and an adult to do activities
          such as learn a song or two, walk to the childrens play garden,
          make food or art, read or other things.
10:20am  Parents have silent or guided meditation and Dharma sharing.
11:10 or 11:15am Children join the adults for singing and maybe Dharma
11:30am All who would like to, may come to the kitchen for a casual community snack/lunch.  You are welcome to bring something to share, but don’t  have to.  We will attempt to have 2 or 5 minutes of quiet mindful eating at the beginning with everyone, if we can.
Any Questions? Email Teo or Heather
See you and your family soon!